I'm trying to change font.size with JavaScript on initialize

andreje26334271 09-06-2015

The code below isn't working what coult be wrong?

i have set up the font size for the text field on "0pt" then when opening pdf i check if value is shorter then 50 letters and if so then i have to change the font.size to "10pt".

if (this.rawValue.length <=50) then this.font.size="10pt";

The code doesn't work the font.size stays on value "0pt". Please help.

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jasotastic81 22-06-2015

When I did it, I had a default value set that comes in when the field is initialized, and it works. If your field gets its value from a different source, then it should not be present as it is initialized. I would look into changing the event that this happens with. Layout:ready might be a better place for this.

jasotastic81 19-06-2015

Are you using FormCalc or JavaScript? FormCalc requires the "then" keyword, but doesn't recognize the .length property of rawValue. JavaScript can see the "length" property of your field's rawValue, but it doesn't understand "then."

For JavaScript:

if (this.rawValue.length < 50) this.font.size = "10pt";

For FormCalc:

if (Len(this.rawValue) < 50) then this.font.size = "10pt" endif