I am having so much trouble building a form with tables where new, matching tables can be added and keeping the formating correct and looking nice when it goes on to the next page. How can I get help with this?

michaels1023798 05-06-2018

I am building a form in LiveCycle and I am new to the program. I want to use it to create a meeting minutes form. I have created a table to serve as the meeting minute, and a button for "add minute" which adds a copy of the table for a new meeting minute. The trouble is that when it gets to the second or third page, the formatting gets all screwy and nothing is looking right. I cannot figure out what to do. Any help is much appreciated. I don't know how to attach the file here.

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MinusZero 05-06-2018

In what way is it not looking right? Does the whole table not move to the next page?

If you make sure this is turned off, the whole repeated object will move to the next page.


Also, I dont think you can repeat a table, but can repeat a table wrapped in a subform (subform repeats) and a table row.