How to reset signature field after signed?



Good morning,


Just trying to come up with java-script under a button that would allow me to clear signature fields after the document has been signed.


I know this is a bit unorthodox, but i don't have the full AEM suite available where i could create a process flow that can handle this better, so i'm stuck with a LiveCycle form that needs a bit of ingenuity.


So just click on the button and i would have code to clear up like 5 signature fields on that form.

right now i thought it my be simple like writing something like this:



But it doesn't do anything when i press the button. So i'm sure its a bit more complicated then 🙂

Any ideas on how i can achieve this?


Thank you so much,




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,


It is simpler than you think actually.

As long as the field does not lock all fields and the button is still usable, you can use the resetData method with the signature field's somExpression as follow:;


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