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How to request for access to another queue ?


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I am using these two methods (QueueManager) :

void revokeQueueAccess(long aQueueId, String aUserToRevoke)

void grantQueueAccess(long aQueueId, String aUserIdToGrant)

for sharing my own queue with another users and that works fine.

Which methods allows me to request for access to another user queue ?

(and I will need also method for 'remove my access to another users queue')

I really do not see a way here :


Thank you


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You need to invoke the built in Queue Sharing service to request access to another user's queue. This will give them a task in their todo list from which they can accept or decline the request.  As for all orchestrations, the operation name is "invoke".  The input map must look like this:

Map inputs = new HashMap();
inputs.put("requesterId", requesterId);
inputs.put("requesterName", requesterName);
inputs.put("granterId", userOid);
inputs.put("granterName", granter.getCommonName());

To remove your access to another user's queue, you also use the revokeQueueAccess() method, and provide the other user's queueid and your useroid as parms.

Hope this helps,