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How to remove references to Kozuka fonts in XML Source without manually editing XML


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I am running into an issue with some PDF templates where Adobe is requiring a Japanese font package to be installed due to a reference to various Kozuka fonts.  These Kozuka fonts do not exist in the PDF document.  However, the fonts are referenced in the typeface tags as seen below.


         <typeface name="Myriad Pro"/>

         <typeface name="Minion Pro"/>

         <typeface name="Courier Std"/>

         <typeface name="Adobe Pi Std"/>

         <typeface name="Adobe Hebrew"/>

         <typeface name="Adobe Arabic"/>

         <typeface name="Adobe Thai"/>

         <typeface name="Kozuka Gothic Pro-VI M"/>

         <typeface name="Kozuka Mincho Pro-VI R"/>

         <typeface name="Adobe Ming Std L"/>

         <typeface name="Adobe Song Std L"/>

         <typeface name="Adobe Myungjo Std M"/>


If I manually remove these references in each PDF, I can view the PDF in any default Adobe Reader install and in the designer preview tab without the need to install the Japanese font package.  However, manually removing the references in the XML Source is not efficient when you have to do it for tens of thousands of forms. Is there any way in LC Designer 4 to remove these references without manually editing the XML.  I tried commenting out the Kozuka references in the default.xci file with no change.  Any help or feedback would be appreciated.

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Level 10

I've run into this before and it's not the reference to the typefaces that is doing it - they're standard in every form created and come with Acrobat.

I tracked it down to a special character I was using. I can't remember which one now - might have been an Em Space or something like that. I don't know why Acrobat thinks it needs the Japanese font pack for that.


Level 1

I suspect something of the same nature.  I had bypassed this one time on one form by means of using a required font that I was originally substituting (Universal Std News with Commercial Pi Regular).  I have been searching for strange characters on these other forms; Unfortunately with no luck yet.