How to purge Jobs and Process Instance related data?



Hello Livecycle experts,

I have a requirement to purge data from Livecycle database for processes that are more than 1 year old (irrespective of whether they are completed or in running stage).

  • We are using Adobe Livecycle ES2 and ES4.
  • We have multiple long-lived processes.

I was going through the documentation that Adobe has provided and that they have provided Job Purge and Process Purge Utility. But I have some further questions about those -

  1. Rather than using AdminUI (for job purge) and the utility (for process purge), can we use API or a webservice?
  2. Also - when I created a long lived processes, there are many tables that get populated - like tb_process_instance, tb_task, tb_action_instance, tb_assignment etc. I am sure there are many more tables where records are getting inserted/updated. Does process purge tool remove data from all the dependent tables (and not just tb_process_instance)? OR do we have to manually write database scripts to remove data from those tables.
  3. How do I ensure that all the data that was created during the lifecycle of the process instance gets removed when I run my purge utility?

I am looking forward to some directions from the experts so that we can setup an automatic purging process.

Thanks & regards,

Priyank Pardiwala

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