How to obtain a QF (Quick Fix) for LiveCycle Designer?



We just purchased a couple of licenses for LiveCycle Designer ES4 and cannot determine how to get the quick fix that applies to SP1 listed at LiveCycle Help | LiveCycle ES4 SP1 | LiveCycle Designer | Quick Fix 1101.008.  On this page, as well as many others, there is a link to Contact Support to obtain any quick fix.  But when you click on this link it merely takes you to page where you sign in (Adobe ID_) and there is no way to contact support.  If you look under Support for this product it says the only support is this forum...::sigh::

How can we obtain the fixes that address the defects in the product we just purchased? (There are other questions in this forum asking the SAME thing that have not been answered or just were replied with the same URL that does nothing.)

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I am using Adobe Lifecycle Workbench ES3 10.0.2 and I have the following problem “

org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The element type "sup:property" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</sup:property>"”.Where can I download the patch to fix this?





Having the same problem.   Can someone from Adobe please address this.   I feel like Adobe Designer is the red-headed stepchild of Adobe products as they refuse to even offer phone support for it.