How to multiply two fields within a dynamic table.



Untitled.jpgI have set up a table that has 9 colums, as follows:

What I would like to do, within the 'Amount Ex INT' box (Contained within a separate subform),

is to Total the 'Hours' * 'Rate for each separate instance/row.

within the Total field I have used FormCalc to workout the total of (Hours * Rate) * INT% / 100.

This works fine within the row and gives the total of my rate plus interest.

Then for the Grand Total I have just used $.rawValue = sum($.Table.Table1.Row1[*].Total.rawValue)

however, it isn't as simple as adding the entirety of column 'Rate' together, adding the entirety of column 'Hours' together

and then multiplying them by one another.

I need to be able to inject each Row instance (Hours * Rate) into a variable and then add all occurrences of that variable together.

...or something similar and less complicated.

Thanks for your time.

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