How to make barcodes work?

thereses5759935 02-10-2018

hi all,

so i am trying to validate and print out Canadian visa application forms, however when I validate the barcodes do not show or print out.

What I have found is that is need to be changed from lifecycle designer to lifecycle reader, however I don’t know how to do this.

i have tried in both Acrobat DC Pro and Reader and specifically purchased Acrobat DC Pro so I could do this

I am using a mac, don’t know if that changes anything?.

please help asap

thank you

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George_Johnson 02-10-2018

2D bar codes won't work with Adobe Reader, but will work with Acrobat, so open the PDF in Acrobat to test it out. There's no such thing as LiveCycle Reader, but for 2D barcodes to work in Adobe Reader you can use LiveCycle Reader Extensions (Forms and extension modules | Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 4 ) to add the corresponding usage right, but this is not inexpensive.