How to make a toggle nav bar on master page appear on ALL pages at once instead of just current page?



I am making a form with a navigation bar which appears and disappears on button click. (a "show" button stacked on top of a "close" button that hide each other on click so it appears like a toggle) The nav bar and buttons are placed on my master page. But when going through the document, the nav bar only appears on the current page that the open button is clicked, instead of ALL pages.  Is there a way to make all pages show the nav bar on click, then ALL pages hide it on click? I would also like to be able to jump to a certain page on ROLLOVER of my menu buttons. (which can't be done without showing the nav bar on all pages at once.) I don't see a way to do this in the action builder and i hardly know any JS to type the script from scratch in the rollover action of my menu buttons.  I'm using Lifecycle ES4. Can anyone assist?

1) Issue getting nav bar to appear on all pages at once with the click of one button.

2) how to jump to a certain page on rollover of a button.

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