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How to import automatically different Word doc as a template, depending on some data


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Hi, I am VERY new to Adobe Livecycle and have only played with it a bit while trying to solve this problem.  I work for a group of companies that sends out different .pdf docs (invoices, orders, etc).  The underlying data related to a single invoice or order is always printed on the same areas of the page for all the companies of the group, but the different companies each have different logos, address and other info that also needs to be printed on the pages.  The application that does the printing is SAP, so I was looking for a way to do this with SAP and Livecycle:

- create a report layout in SAP that contains the underlying invoice or order info, along with a "Company" field that indicates which company in the group the document is intended for

- launch a Livecycle report that includes a different Word document as a template, depending on the "Company" field.  These Word documents were setup and used by an earlier application that did a similar thing before we moved to SAP & Livecycle.  They contain all the logos and company info but with empty spaces to contain the actual invoice or order data (like pre-printed stationery).

- merge the input data with the template to create the final .pdf to be printed or emailed, customised to the company in the "Company" field

The SAP report output is the easiest part, but I don't know if it's possible to automatically & dynamically select different Word docs as templates according to some data, or if there is a better or different way of achieving the same thing with Livecycle.  For some documents there are as many as 8 different companies that might be printing the document, so 8 different Word templates exist for that document.  My job would obviously be simplified if I could continue to use these same Word docs with Livecycle.  Thanks.

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I probably should've remembered "rtfm" before writing all that.  It seems to me now that I need to create a Master Page for each of the different layouts, then dynamically select the one I want to use at run-time, maybe with a script event ?  The Master Page creation is a bit messy ... the only way I seem to be able to get multiple Master Pages is to open each Word doc, let Livecycle import it, then copy all the content into a new Master Page in my main document.  That is, there doesn't seem to be a way to import a series of Word docs directly into separate Master pages of a single Livecycle form.  I'll continue with the "read" part of "rtfm" ...

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