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How to hide rows when having Multiple line values


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I'm designing a form which include a table with only one header row and one body row. However, this row is set to have multiple values so it will depend on the data on the system it may have 1-n rows.

What i want to accomplish is:

Limit some of the rows to be visible when in one of the fields have a specific value "x".

Main itemDescription
10Product A
2010Product B
3010Product C
40Product D

I want to restict the lines 20 and 30 to be visible in the form. So when field main item is populated, the line should be hidden.

if(Form1.bdyMain1.frmTableItems.tblItems.rowItemContent.colProdDesc.rawValue == "");


  Form1.bdyMain1.frmTableItems.tblItems.rowItemContent.presence = "visible";


Form1.bdyMain1.frmTableItems.tblItems.rowItemContent.presence = "hidden"


Tried to use this code but the entire row gets deleted, i guess it is considering only 1 row...

Anyone knows how to accomplish this?

Many thanks in advance


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