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How to go to a particular field of the same page by clicking the radio button.


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Hello All ,

           I am working on a form which is designed by some one else . There is a Page - 8 . And there is a question at the first which is in another subform.

           At the end there are several radio buttons . If some one is clicked as yes then the focus should be on Question which is present at the beginning of the form.

My code goes like this .

if(TopmostSubform.Sub_Form_Section.Page8.RadioButtonList[0].Q9_EnterAnotherProgramRegEntState[0].this.rawValue ==true)
xfa.host.setFocus(' TopmostSubform.Sub_Form_Section.Page8.Table.Row[1].Cell[1].Q9_ProgramNm');

Form hierarchy for Q9 _ProgramNm is -- TopmostSubform.Sub_Form_Section.Page8.Table.Row[1].Cell[1].Q9_ProgramNm

Form hierarchy for radio button is -- TopmostSubform.Sub_Form_Section.Page8.RadioButtonList[0].Q9_EnterAnotherProgramRegEntState[0]

The event should be click event on JavaScript.

Please someone help !!!!

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