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How to get XFA to render HTML


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I have a license for Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4.

I am already aware that LiveCycle has reached end of life and that Livecycle is now known as Adobe Experience Manager Designer.....

I have been developing smart documents in LiveCycle Designer for the past 10 years....  I've literally spent that last decade Creating Dynamic PDFs from Javascript and XFA environment.

All I want to know is, How can I get the "Signature Scribble" functionality working in an HTML environment and the preview HTML functional????


The upgrade installation hyperlinks to SP1 update don't work anymore.

I've tried downloading the SP1 for LiveCycle ES4 and I've tried to download the addons/packages for Livecycle, and I must be retarded or something because, for whatever reason I can't figure out how to preview & render my LiveCycle designer creations in HTML5.

Am I retarded or something?  What am I missing?  Am I supposed to have a Livecycle ES4 Server License to obtain this functionality?

What is JBoss, What is Websphere, How can I render my Livecycle Designer XFAs in HTML in a Browser?

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LiveCycle Help | Mobile Forms Overview

How Can I get this to work?  No download files have helped me get this working yet.


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You need a LiveCycle or AEM Forms server to render the XFA form as HTML, Designer itself can't do this, it just to create the template. Here are some FAQs.



However, you don't need HTML it for handwritten signatures since Acrobat/Reader DC support the same for signature fields.


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Yeah, I just got quoted from Adobe an almost 6 figure amount for the Adobe Experience Manager Forms Manager Server/PER YEAR Core Subscription service to render and offer a HTML5 signature scribble functionality on an end-user device.


Not that I don't think Adobe's is a great company and provides great products, but I can get Signatures on my images obtained in an HTML5 environment without spending a hundred grand.


Hope this helps to anyone else in the future.  Contact 4Point for licensing.


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Yup, answering my own question here from earlier this year, I just received a Qote from FourPoint (reseller) and their newest Experience Manager Forms Manager Pro Server that renders HTML documents costs at least 84k PER YEAR to license.  Omg, this is the most expensive software I've ever heard of.  Well my hats off to ya Adobe, but I can get the Signature Scribble functionality in HTML5 without paying almost 6 figures annually.  I love the experience that this software has afforded us for a number of years, but I'm switching from XFA design to HTML design.