How to get the Submit E-mail to send file as a pdf not a data file

suec9088875 28-10-2015

After creating a form and including the Submit E-mail as part of the form, how do you have the Submit E-mail button send the form as a pdf rather than as a data file.  In previous versions of Adobe's Life Cycle Designer I use to include this and it worked great, however, with Adobe Pro XI it sends it as a data file and this is just a mess to look through and find what I need, not to mention the ability to save it as a pdf for future reference.  I've tried saving it in different formats but it does the same thing each time I tried to email it.

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I've just tried this in Acrobat Pro XI and it worked fine,  In the properties of the email submit button there's a Submit As option which can be XML Data or PDF, you don't happen to have it set to XML Data?