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How to get page-to-page flow?


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I've made a form that has different sections that will be visible/hidden depending on which boxes and buttons are selected. Both the pages and subforms within in the pages are set to Flowed. Whenever I hide a section on a page (say, the upper section), the bottom sections move up into the white space. My problem is, when I hide a section on the bottom of a page, the subsequent pages do not flow upwards to fill the empty space. Therefore, I am left with lots of empty white space throughout my form (6 pages), instead of the entire form expanding and collapsing to accommodate subforms.

I also have the "allow page breaks" check box checked on all my pages and subforms.

Edit: I am using Designer ES4

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In your Hierarchy, make sure all of your subforms are included in the parent page 1 subform (by default this is named "(untitled Subform) (page 1)"). If the subforms you've built are within separate 'page' subforms, they will not flow upward how you want.

Typically, I start building lengthy forms with everything 'positioned' and on as many separate pages as I need, then when I'm finished I set applicable subforms to 'flowed' and move them all up into the parent page 1 subform.


Level 7

I build all my flowed forms into multiple tables.

It is very easy to hide a table row or a whole table to make your form work nicely.

Using different sized tables it also gives some control over the layout of a flowed form, something that you normally lose.