How to get LiveCycle Designer 4?



Last year I downloaded a trial version of LiveCycle Designer.

I liked it.

So we bought 4 licenses.

Now I am going to need to have my PC re-imaged.

LiveCycle will be going bye-bye.

I'll need to re-install it.

But there is no more trial download available.

We bought licenses and not CDs because Adobe told us we only needed licenses.

But now all my licenses don't do me any good if I don't have the product itself, which I won't have after the re-image (and no, I don't still have the download from a year ago, nor do I even think I should have kept it)

So now that the trial is gone and the possibility of downloading a copy, upon which to apply my licenses, how the heck am I supposed to get it?


Answers (8)

Answers (8)



I tried that download - it doesn't work for me as I cannot access my license for my old version of Acrobat - which I have had for at least 5 years. The program is located on my former laptop which has now been changed out for a Surface Pro - so upgrading that version doesn't work. According to the Adobe website, we are eligible to add the program, but without a key, the download link is useless.



I am having the same issue. I had Acrobat 10 Pro, which had Livecycle included, and when I got a new tablet in July, I (mistakenly) upgraded to Acrobat XI Pro - which didn't include what I actually NEED in the program. I keep seeing I am eligible for a free upgrade due to my purchase, but I cannot find a link anywhere that will take me to a download screen. It takes me into that vicious circle of contacting customer service with no option other than chat. I tried that yesterday and the first person said I needed to talk to a retail rep because that's the license type I have, the next person said I needed gov't because of my email address, and the third rep said they weren't with Livecycle support AT ALL and gave me an email address - and I got a "deleted without reading" read receipt. HELP.



I thought about that, but I couldn't find a freakin' phone numb er that doesn't require me to pay so much per minute.

How do you contact these guys without a @#$% credit card?