How to format Data in subject line of an Email



I have an email submit button on my LiveCycle form and the client wants data from the form in the subject line of the email. I have the button set up and the patterns set up on the fields but the data in the subject line doesn't display the way it does in the fields. this is what I have.

var oDoc =;

var nSubject = Page1.Top.txtEmpID.rawValue + " " + Page1.Top.dteTo.rawValue;


cTo: "",

cSubject: nSubject,

cMsg: Page1.Top.txtLastName.rawValue + " " + "Performance Agreement"


The Employee ID is 7 digits including leading zeros (0123456) and the date is formatted MM-DD-YYYY. When it goes to the subject line it doesn't show the leading zeros (123456) and the date is formatted YYYY-MM-DD.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

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