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How to fix "LCCRXIntegrationService is not ready" error


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On one of my ES4 servers (not yet migrated to AEM Forms), I get the following exception in the server log constantly:

LCCRXIntegrationService is not ready, unable to push asset to repository. Please use forced sync option to sync up the asset.

I am aware that LiveCycle has a built-in CRX repository, but I have not idea how to access it, or how to configure the Integration Service.

Some assistance would be appreciated, since the documentation isn't of much help.



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Might be CRX is corrupted or not started(not sure logs could explain more).  You can try to recreate crx[1] but since it's production make sure you don't have data in CRX which will be lost.



[1]Steps to re-create CRX repository :

1.Stop the application server.

2.Delete all directories under crx-repository directory. By default crx-repository is available under <LiveCycle_Install_Dir>.

3.Copy install folder from <LiveCycle_Install_Dir>/configurationManager/export/crx-quickstart to crx-repository directory.

4.Start the server.