How to create duplicate subforms

mastergago 08-03-2018


I want to create identical labels in Live Cycle Designer. So I created subforms containing the same data. When I change some data I have to do it several times. Is there a way that I only have to adjust one label and the other labels change automatically (i.e. by refering to label 1)? I print on A4 (3 labels in each row).

I would be very glad if you could solve my problem.


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ulibaehr 15-03-2018

"the XML wears out with use". LiveCycle runs down the XML and fills the data into matching fields with the correct binding. But LiveCycle never runs back upwards in the XML to start filling other objects with matching bindings.

You can use global binding by name (not recommendable as unsafe - you never know whether a field with the same name will be added in 4 years).

Or you script: You copy the data manually from one subform to the next.

MinusZero 08-03-2018

Simply give the other objects the same rawValue when you exit the first label.


subform1.label1 exit event, javascript

subform2.label1.rawValue = subform1.label1.rawValue;

subform3.label1.rawValue = subform1.label1.rawValue;