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How to create a pop up window with text information?


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Hi experts,

I am a newbie in LC and I have created a form to be sent to the vendors by our buyers.  Everything seems fine except the Accounting Manager would like to include our Financial Details in the form.  I would like to simply create a pop up window with the information which will be activated by pressing a button.  I have tried to create an invisible button and a visible button to achieve this but didn't succeed. 

p.s. I have no javascript background but slowly learning.  I would appreciate if anyone can assist me to complete the task.

Thanks a million.

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In the object library click and drag an OK Button onto the form. You can modify the text on the button by clicking on it and changing it.

Next, go to the 'click' event and enter this:


Hope that helps. Something else to note, if you research into the xfa.host.messageBox you can add numbers to the end of the statement to change the 'Ok' to a pop up window that has Yes and No.


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Hi Mdjco,

Thanks for replying.  What I need to accomplish is to have another page of information with all the financial details on the pop up window and the vendor has a choice to print it out or not.  After the form is filled out, it is to be sent back to our buyers.  So instead of me inserting a 2nd page with the information, I would like to hide it unless someone presses a button to show it.

I have found something like making 2 buttons, one is invisible with all the information on it and the other one "visible" to activate the invisble button.  Didn't work at all.

Also another question is after the vendor insert the digital signature, it automatically asked to save (which I found out why from help) and then it opens up the email and sends the form as XML.  I will need it to send as PDF, possible??

Much appreciated.