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How to Concatenate repeating sub forms within sub forms?


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I have been able to achieve my goals with my form but have one last issue. I would like to be able to concatenate the information of my report. I am not a programmer. My understanding is that I would need to create loop within loop with the concat function in the calculate event to achieve my goal. I tried with not much success. It is definitely above my skill level. Below is the hierarchy for my form. The blue square represent the information that I would like to concatenate and the orange square identify the repeating sub forms. If someone can assist I would much appreciate.


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Hi there,

to be able to make a report on each fields of your form it would be easier to have a look directly at your form than telling you how it should work unless you would be able to handle the JavaScript PseudoCode I'd give you.

Because to make sure the JavaScript will work it is important to know which subforms / rows you are adding instances...

If the image you have provided above with the highlighted subforms are the only ones which are with multiple instances I can give you a snippet code which might work, otherwise I could have a look at your form and do it for you if you'd like.


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Thanks for your reply.

There is a bit more. I was only hoping to get a snippet and hopefully be able to extrapolate what I needed for the remaining of the form. I am fully open to sending you the form for you to work with if you wish. Do you have an email address for me to forward it to.