How to bind the %VAT from a dropdown list



 Goodmorning everyone, I'm facing a problem related to the binding of the VAT percentage. in particular, this value comes from a list and when I insert the binding, only the first value of the list is valued while instead I need to set the field with the value of the VAT percentage .

Screenshot (447).png

from the image you can see that the binding gives me the %DISCOUNT which is the first value of the list instead of the %VAT.

The binding is as the follow:


I tried to modify the "*" hoping to define a specific level but it is not the right solution because, given that the price components come from an external system, it is not said that the% VAT is always at the same level. 

I would need something that allows me to specify that the decimal value of VAT (ID: ATX1) should always be taken in that field.

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I think we will need to see the form hierarchy to understand the issue.  Can you add a screen shot, or maybe a link to the actual form?