How to bind same xml data in different repeating elements?

Wu_Xin 21-03-2016

hi there,

I have a question regard bind same xml data in different repeating elements.

I have a xml like:


       <Item>Item 1</Item>

       <Data>Data 1</Data>



       <Item>Item 2</Item>

       <Data>Data 2</Data>


in the PDF I want to show a summary first and then all the items/data in tables.









the number of items is dynamic, and I found that if I use the binding $.Table[*]. in both places, the second will be empty (no matter whether summary or detail comes in secondly.), it seems to me that the [*] in binding, will be marked as "used" when it comes in a repeatable subform, and will not show up again later.
I also found that when the binding does not end with [*], it will not be "used" and works alright. but it seems tricky and does not work in all our cases. so I'd like to see if someone can help to revel the logic behind this and how could I make the [*] element show up in 2 places.

thanks in advance.

btw, How could I upload a sample XDP here? I'd like to use a sample to better illustrate this case

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Wu_Xin 09-05-2016

hi All

I found the answer myself

manually add below attribute to the root subform in xml source. it can slove this case, however it interferes some function of instance control.

<subform name="Root" layout="tb" locale="en_US" restoreState="auto" mergeMode="matchTemplate">