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How to bind dynamic row data to submit it by HTTP submit (PHP) - addInstance and Data Binding


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i have got a problem with submit HTTP all data (variables) from PDF to submit.php.

I have got table with dynamic add/remove Table Row button. When i add it their names are Table.Row[0] , Table.Row[1], Table.Row[2] etc. Only Table.Row is real, and every other row is create dynamically by addInstance script command.

When i fill "Data Binding" box like this: "Use name(Row)" then after submiting it do PHP i will see only last Table.Row data. For example if last would be Table.Row[3] then i will see only this on my submit.php and the others will be replaced by this value. This is happen becouse of replacing value by value with the same name (data binding is seeing only one Table.Row without instance name:"[1]", "[2]", "[3]" etc.).

I guess that if i would change something to get addInstance command with Row names like Row1, Row2, Row3 then all will be ok.

Another way it`s to change something in the "Data Binding" box (Object > Binding Tab) to get relative name like Row[*] instead of "Use name(Row)".

I don`t know how to solve it and i need your help

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