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How to avoid multiple DataConnections with LCD ES2


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Hi, we are just starting using the data connections to connect via a database with LiveCycle Designer. It seems we are missing something important regarding to manipulation of data from the PDF.

At first we have tried to apply a INSERT command to our first table and be able to browse through the items in the database. We are able to browse through the database only before we have inserted something.

If we insert an item and then try to browse through the database with (Next, Previous, Last or First) it will crash and have an error of the following :

(Next, Previous, Last or First) failed. Multiple-step operation generated errors. check each status value [ID:@11]

So then we have decided to create a second data connection which would have each of the column in the database except for the ID which appears to make everything crash.

E.G.:  Table_1

DataConnection1 --> ID, Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4          SELECT Command connection

DataConnection2 --> Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4               INSERT Command connection

Seems like we can't have a SELECT and INSERT in the same DataConnection because with those 2 different connections it works fine....

Then we are trying to show multiple data's in a table which is linked with the ID of the Selected ID in DataConnection1.. To show the data is all fine using a 3rd connection for that Table_2, then we are making sure a blank row is always there at the end of the table to be able to add this new entry to the database with a Add button to INSERT into the Table_2... Unfortunately we do not have a 2nd connection to that table because we cannot link those fields with the database for the purpose of a multiple entry view.

We have tried to make a 2nd connection for the purpose of the INSERT but it doesnt work at all.

We are basing ourselves on the sample provided by Stefan Cameron in his blog http://forms.stefcameron.com/2006/12/18/databases-inserting-updating-and-deleting-records/

I am wondering if we are using the right functionalities and if it is the simplest way to work with databases...

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!


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