How to add rows in nested tables (JavaScript)




I made my first steps with LiveCycle Designer ES2 and tried to create a form containing some tables and nested tables. In the "standard" tables I managed to add lines using Java Script in this way:

Formular1.TF_Liste.tbl_Listendaten.Zeile1.formAddRem.btnAdd::click - (JavaScript, client)

rowNum = this.parent.parent.index + 1;



I also managed to remove them in a similar way. The button "btnAdd" is inside a form in the last cell of each row.

Now I tried the same for nested tables:

Formular1.TF_Kopf.tblKopfdaten.Zeile8.tblTeilnehmer.Zeile1.formAddRem.btnAdd::click - (JavaScript, client)

rowNum = this.parent.parent.index;

rowNum = rowNum +1;



It does not work at all, but I have no idea why. I tried to find a solution here... without success. I also tried to put the nested table "tblTeilnehmer" in a form first, with the same result.

How can I add more rows like "Zeile1" in the nested table, using Java Script?

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Answers (5)




Hi Markus,

Is it possible for you to upload your form somewhere, like google docs or whatever and post a link.  It should be easy enough but will depend on the structure of your particular form.





Can you explain how you added rows to your table? I think this is what you were explaining you accomplished.

I am on adobe acrobat pro and am making an editable document. This is the results section pictured below. I want to make it so that I can choose how many results lines are in the document because in some cases there is only 1 result and in others there are 5. Is there a way to have a + button that allows the user to add as many result lines as needed?

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 8.58.16 AM.png