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How to Access Data using ContentRepositoryConnector


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Hi All,

I am trying to access a document using the ContentRepositoryConnector.  I am getting exception CRC Exception:  ALC-CRX-030-003-Repository Fault.

The server log shows that the connection is being refused:

2012-07-12 10:23:16,425 INFO  [com.adobe.idp.dsc.registry.service.impl.ServiceRegistryImpl] (http- ServiceRegistryImpl:stop(TryApp/Main/Try, 1.0)

2012-07-12 10:23:16,473 INFO  [com.adobe.idp.dsc.registry.service.impl.ServiceRegistryImpl] (http- ServiceRegistryImpl:stop(TryApp/Util/GetMessage, 1.0)

2012-07-12 10:23:32,697 INFO  [org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodDirector] (http- I/O exception (java.net.ConnectException) caught when processing request: Connection refused: connect


2012-07-12 10:23:35,981 ERROR [com.adobe.workflow.AWS] (http- An exception was thrown with name com.adobe.ep.crx.client.exceptions.CRCException message:ALC-CRX-030-003-Repository Fault while invoking service ContentRepositoryConnector and operation retrieveContent and no fault routes were found to be configured.

In the ContentRepositoryConnectior activity, I  am using the url access protocol found in online documentation:


My landscape:  ES3, SP1, JBoss Turnkey, Win 7

Thank you for any insight on correcting this problem.

Thank You.

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a. Launch the repository  provided with ES3 (CRX DE) . b. Add resources (files: xml, ddx,xsl, etc) used by application in repository.  c. In application, replace use of  deprecated service (Resources) with ContentRepositoryConnector Service.