How do you insall LiveCycle?



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My company purchased Adobe LiveCycle and the email I received says:

"For Adobe LiveCycle

  If you ordered an Adobe LiveCycle product that requires a digital certificate, download the digital certificate and password file from the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS)"

I've logged into the website they provided in the email but there isn't an option to download anything for LIveCycle.  I've also checked Admin Console but there's nothing listed for LIveCycle there either. we've paid for the product and can't use it.  How do you install LiveCycle?

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As long as this is a recent version of LiveCycle, the only certificate you might need would be for Reader Extensions.  And you can complete your installation without it and add it later (in AdminUI) if you like.

Check your license certificate to see if your org bought that piece.  It might be listed as 'Reader Extensions' or 'ARES' or something similar.  If they did buy it and you still can't see the certificate (a .PFX file) then you should contact customer service and have them make sure it's in there and that you're connecting to the proper account.

To do that, email and include your details.  (Name, the Adobe ID you're using for, any order number information you might have - and a copy of your licensing certificate if you have it.  More information makes it easier to find you.)  Don't send any passwords.