How do you change a textField 'background fill' to NONE at runtime



> this seemingly simple problem has been perplexing me forever..

I understand how to change the txtField.fillColor to any value but NONE / no fill

to further illustrate:

BLACK IS: txtField.fillColor = "0,0,0"

WHITE IS: txtField.fillColor = "255,255,255"

but what is NONE or NO FILL?

is there a different method/scripting property used to 'remove' fillColor??

i'm baffled - please help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

fillColor is a quick access to its property, the real property hides in the border.fill

to hide the fillColor you need to access border.fill with the following

to remove the borders as well, you need to use this line

if you want to show back the fill, use the value visible and same thing for the borders

Hope this help!

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