How do I preselect an item in a dropdown list




I need to preselect an item in a drop down list, but I cannot see how to achieve this using the current or existing methods.  I know that if I set the rawValue then it works, but later when I try to retrieve the data from the selected dropdown list item, I get an "Empty" which doesn't help.  What it needs is the value,label pair to work correctly. When I manually select an item from the drop down list it works perfectly. But not when I try programtically set it. So now I am wondering if it is possible to set the index for the drop down list, so that it believes it has an item selected, so when I poll it I get the correct value.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

You can use the selectedIndex property to set the value wanted.

And to retrieve a value, I recommend you to use *.getDisplayItem(*.selectedIndex);

I hope this will help!