How do i make the pdf version reset the validation errors on submit?



I have a form with a radio button list containing 10 options, if #5 is selected then a text field is required for it, if # 6 is selected then another radio button list is required, and if #10 is selected a text field is required for the user to describe their company.  I have placed fieldname.mandatory="error" in the click area of options #5,6, & 10 of the radio button list and when I click the submit button leaving the required field empty it does stop the submit, and wraps the invalid field in a red border. The problem I am having is after the initial submit and the borders are wrapped in red, if the user needs to select a different option then their original entry, for instance choosing 5 instead of 6, I cant seem to get the form to reset and re-evaluate the mandatory fields on the next submit attempt. So that leaves them with the option to redo the whole form or input incorrect information in the field that was originally marked mandatory by their attempt to submit.   The irritating thing is, is the HTML version in LiveCycle and the HTML version up on the livecycle server work correctly its only not resetting on the PDF versions when viewing it in livecycle and in reader.   How do I make the pdf reset and recheck since it is not live like the HTML version? Should I be placing the code someplace else besides click for it to work in PDF?  I need it to work in both states as some users will not be able to do complete it while connected to our AEM area and will need to down load and complete offline to print and mail in.

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