How do I get the Page numbers to automatically apply in a PDF 417 barcode?



I have a form that will be scanned and I need the pdf417 barcode to automatically generate the Page 1 of 12 or whatever the count will be. I have tried using global data with the "Pages" text but that hasn't worked. You can't make a Collection list with the floating fields of CurrentPage and PageCount so could someone please offer a suggestion as to how to accomplish this.

My form has two master pages so I have one of those barcodes on each page. Right now I'm just entering that information manually in the value field but I'm afraid that when the user enters information in a flowed form, those page numbers will be wrong in the scan.

Thanks for any help that can be offered.

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the PDF417 barcode in Designer is a read only solution that cannot be updated at runtime.

I'm have build a dynamic version of that barcode you can buy.

It allows you to encode your data a runtime without any additional Reader Extensions or so.

If your interested, send me a PM.