How do I add only the fields whose value is greater than an established amount in a calculation?



I have a Life Cycle Designer PDF form with fields for user input.  I want to add together ONLY the items that are more than $25. Any assistance would be appreciated.

thank you.

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I have fixed it for you - YAY

I sympathize with your sentiment regarding MS EXCEL but, ultimately, LiveCycle (and the complex coding requirements) is the only way to deliver solutions that can't be messed up by other people.

I still struggle with 'for' loops - they're not nearly as intuitive as 'if, else' constructs BUT mastering both of these constructs gives you 95% of the functionality you were able to squeeze out of EXCEL.

Articles/examples by BRINKMAN (google FormFeed) and NIALL (google Assure Dynamics) helped me a lot in improving my command of LiveCycle Designer.