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How can recipients submit completed PDF forms using a MAC?


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Level 2

We have created fillable PDF forms using LiveCycle Designer 8.0.  They include

submit buttons that are set to submit the completed forms as PDFs.  Rights have been extended for Adobe Reader users.  They work great when the recipient is using a PC, but when they are using a MAC we have a number of problems:

1) the Print and Submit buttons do not work

2) when the recipient saves and e-mails the file manually, the data they entered is only visible when you click on that field

Help!  How can our MAC recipients submit their completed form as a PDF that displays all of the data!


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I strongly suspect that the users are using Apple's "Preview" application to fill in the forms, rather than Adobe's Reader.

See here for screenshots: Alternative PDF Viewers

If you get your Mac users to fill in the form with Reader I am sure it will solve the problem.

Good luck,



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Level 2

Thanks Niall.  This information proved really helpful in confirming the problem.  We ran some tests and the problem does seem to only occur when MAC recipients are using Preview.

We recieved this link from Adobe, which provides a solution if you have access to all the recipients:


Thanks to Niall and Paul for all your help!