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How can I warp DocumentReference into a component/frame


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I am having a mx.rpc.livecycle.DocumentReference that retrieved from livecycle workbench by using render pdf process.  Currently the way, I am loading this pdf by using

var doc:DocumentReference  =res["outFormDoc"] as DocumentReference;

var pdfUrl:String=doc.url;

var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(pdfUrl);


but that's not the way I want it to be.  I want to load this pdf form like the one in livecycle workspace that the pdf/html/form guide are wrapped into a frame with complete button.


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Workspace uses the TaskForm object from the workspace-runtime.swc to load the PDF in a frame on top of the SWF app.



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Is there a sample that can show me how to do this in flex application w/o using workspace object?  Because the forms we are going to render in application may not be task based.

I tried to use google flex iframe, unfortuntly the google flex iframe break worksapce AuthenticatingApplication.


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or how can i render a pdf that has no task assigned by using workspace object  in flex application