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How can I make an object print a yellow color on print out?


Level 4

Hi All,

I have a form that I am currently working on. The check boxes are grey color on screen, but should print yellow color on printout.

I wrote the following script on the Preprint event.

form1.Page2.Marginalchbx.fillColor = "255, 255, 0";

This is not working, and I do not know why it is not. Is there someone out there that can helpout. I greatly appreciate it.



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Level 10



this.border.fill.color.value = "255,255,0";

in the buttons prePrint event.


Level 2

If you want "just" the check box area filed with yellow (vs the entire object) use the following script on the prePrint:

this.ui.oneOfChild.border.fill.color.value = "255,255,0";

On the postPrint event, use the same script but change the RGB color codes ("#,#,#") to represent grey thus restoring the check box to the original state.