How can I make a signature field value on page 1 repeat on second and third pages of my form

lpianwi 10-03-2016

Hi all,

I am designing a form; it has a signature field that when it is signed on the first page, should repeat on the second and third pages.

I have a signature field on page1, and textfields, named textfield2, and textfield3, on pages 2, and 3.  The following is the codes I have on Change event, but it is not working;


    var getSigField ="form1[0].Page1[0].signature_BUTTON1[0]");

    var oState =getSigField.signatureValidate();



    // Get the current field's signed state.

    if (oState != 0){

    form1.Page2.TextField2.rawValue = form1.Page1.signature_BUTTON1.rawValue;

    form1.Page3.TextField3.rawValue = form1.Page1.signature_BUTTON1.rawValue;




I do not know why the signature field on page 1 works perfect, but the values are not pass to the fields on pages 2 and 3.

I need help from anyone out on this forum. Thanks


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yashs27737309 15-03-2016


I think copying a 'signature' into other signature fields will defeat the purpose of 'signing' the document at required places.

That's is why it is logical for security reasons to not copy the signature into other fields.