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How can I make a field required based on the response in another field?


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I'm a totally novice so please be gentle with me

I am developing a form in Livecycle and I need to make one field required based on the contents of another ie if the user answers yes in FieldA then they must answer the question in FieldB.  I have searched through the forum and found some similar queries related to checkboxes and required fields and I've tried that but as I haven't even found the scripting yet (hanging head in shame now), it's proving very difficult.

I would be very grateful if someone could advise me (in the simplest terms possible) what I need to do to fix this issue.



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If its a Yes/No check box

In the click event of Yes Check box


In the click event of No Check box


Hope this helps.



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Hi ~Abhiram

Thanks for you response.  I was using a Yes/No drop down list box, I've changed it now to a check box but can't find the click event , sorry I am a total novice.