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How can I get rid of "_data" behind xml file name


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Hello everybody,

I use xfa.host.exportData("",0) to export xml file which I cann't appoint the name of xml. After I click the exporting button, a window jumps and fill the xml file name automatically, the name is "PDF file name_data.xml", in Adobe Reader Chinese version, "_data" will be translated by Chinese word, so it is not convenience to unify the method of getting xml.

My problem is if I can get rid of the postfix "_data" in xml file name? I doulbt maybe I can set in LiveCycle Designer, but I can't find out at present.

Thanks in advance!


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the exportData() method has two parameters.

The first one sets the file name, but is only allowed when the form was certified.

Details in the Designer help documentation: Adobe LiveCycle ES3 * exportData


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Hello radzmar

Thank you for you soon reply!

I learned about the function exportData(), and my form is not certified, so I use exportData("",0) to export xml file. After I click the export button, it will jump out a window to ask for selecting the path, where users want to save the xml file, and, in this window, LiveCycle will fill xml file name automatically by "xxxx_data" (xxxx is the pdf form name). I just wonder if I can avoid "_data" ?

Do you have any idea? Thanks!