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How can i do to sharing segments library?


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I hope someone can to help me, i have some segments than i will use to create some forms, but i have a question....how can i do to sharing this segments library, because i will work with other two persons and we want to have access to the same segments, that is for reuse this segments because the forms has similar information.

Does have someone any idea?


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Are you talking about fragments?

Those are stored in a folder on your local drive as xdp files wich you can easily attach to an email for example.

To get the path hold the mouse corsor over the headline of your fragment library (right next to the folder symbol) in the fragment library palette.



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Hi radzmar !
And if i want to access them remotely?
Something like to keep them in a repository?


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you can use any folder as fragment library.

So you can place a new folder onto a network drive and us it as your library.

Therefore you open the menu of the fragment library (in upper right corner) and select "open fragment library".

Navigate to the desired folder an click ok.

Or you simply select this folder when you generate a new fragment.

In both cases this folder is then shown in your fragment library.