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Highlight form changes


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What is the best way, to highlight the changes, made to a form, after it has been filled in? (or populated with data)

I have a large form with a zillion fields, check boxes, & radio buttons.

After this form, has been filled in, or populated by the user, there may be (will be!) changes made to the document, with different selections being made throughout the form. I would like to highlight these changes, and draw attention to the fact that these items have changed.

I have tried an example posted here on the forums:


This almost does what I need.... It will track any changes and output them by object name.

However, it also outputs the changes made when the form is initially filled in. (From a value of null, to a value of somthing!)

I need to highlight only changes made after the form has been initially populated, so that "Item B" is highlighted,because it has replaced "Item A" in the form.

I hope I am making myself clear?

I also thought about setting an action on the fields, so that the background colour is highlighted, if the value changes.

I used this code from the Action Builder:

if (this.resolveNode("$").rawValue != "myvalue") {
  this.resolveNode("$").ui.oneOfChild.border.fill.color.value = "255, 0, 0";

Again, this almost works. It will make the field background red if anything other than "myvalue" is specified.

But hardcoding the "myvalues" throughout the entire form is not really practicle.

How can I make this, so that the changed fields are highlighted once the form has been populated, and so that the fields are not highlighted when the form is initially filled in? I just need the new changes highlighted.....

Thanks in advance, for any tips, ideas, or help you can offer!

I am sure this must be needed in all kinds of forms.

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In the example, the updateNotice is a listbox.

You could include a button which would clear the listbox. For example in the click event of this new button:

updateNotice.rawValue = null;


You would need to have a note, recommending that the list be cleared before amendments.

Maybe the updateNotice object and button would only become visible after submission.

Just a few thoughts,