Hiding contents of PDF based on NON-existence of a password?



Hi all -

I'd like to use javascript to "hide" my Livecycle Designer form on open if a password for the pdf is NOT present.  (If someone strips the password, at least I can make it more annoying for them.)

I understand that if javascript is not enabled on the end-user side, the PDF will still be visible.  But that's ok.  The PDF is javascript heavy and only useable if javascript is active.

I've had some success, I think (lol), with "securityHandler".

If I add a password in LCD to the form and then open it with Acrobat, I can use the Console window and type:


The return is "Standard".

If no password is added in LCD to the form and then I open it with Acrobat, using Console window and typing:


The return is "null".

So we have two different values we could use to establish whether or not a password is on the PDF.

But I think I'm getting caught up when trying to write the code to reference the securityHandler value.  Documentation seems to indicate that securityHandler is in both Acrobat and LCD.

Something like:

var a = this.securityHandler;

if (a == "Standard"){

    xfa.host.messageBox("There is a password of some type on this PDF");


if (a == null){

    xfa.host.messageBox("No password on this PDF.")


Any ideas?  I know this is just a bump to someone who's taken the time to strip the password using 3party software but why not make it a little more confusing for them, right?



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