Hidden/visible subform to appear in two places



I am creating a form that includes if/else radio boxes that have a form visible or remain hidden. I want the document to include a page/s at the back that includes all visible subforms in a 'summary' format (this page will include a header/footer). I only want this page to appear if there are visible subforms in the front part of the form. And, if possible, I want only these 'summary' pages to print when the print button is clicked on. I don't have much experience coding - is this possible? Thanks for any assistance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes that would be totally possible to achieve.

If you dont have much experience coding, using the Action Builder will help you achieve most of the things you are after.

On your summary page, you can simply see if a radio button is checked and if it is, show some text on the summary page

I would put this into the click event of the radio button. This is just a very basic representation of what you could do, there are other ways to do it. if you are creating a flowed form you might want to do this differently, you could even concatenate text into one field rather than using separate fields.

form1.formPage.RadioButtonList.ifRadioButton::click - (JavaScript, client)

this.resolveNode("summaryPage.Text1").presence = "visible";

form1.formPage.RadioButtonList.elseRadioButton::click - (JavaScript, client)

this.resolveNode("summaryPage.Text1").presence = "hidden";

If it possibly to print a specific page but I havent had too much experience with doing it. You could try hiding all the other pages in the form's pre-print event and making them visible again in the post print event. I have found though, that you cant hide page 1 of a form.