Hi, I have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and I want to install Adobe LiveCycle Designer for free. Please help me.

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Unfortunately, Live Cycle Designer is not a Free Adobe Product. If you have purchased Volume Licenses for Acrobat Pro XI and the previous versions as Acrobat pro X, you can contact us at Adobe Support to check for a free upgrade to Live Cycle Designer ES4 11.0 or else you will have to purchase a license Live Cycle Designer ES4 11.0.

Contact Customer Care

Thank you.

Joel-CNVI 19-04-2016

I have found a phone call to their corporate office in San Jose will get you to the right group.  Not the most efficient method but it works.

mjb21859719 19-04-2016

Why cant Adobe make it easier and send the upgrade to people who paid for that product in acro pro XI?   why make the customer hunt you down.  frustrating.