Help to create a Button that creates an HTML or richtext email from form field information





I am using LiveCycle ES4. I am looking for a way to create a button that, when clicked, it opens up an Outlook email and populates the body with information from the form fields. I have only been able to accomplish this with plain text (therefore no text formatting options). I DO NOT want to just attached the forms to the email. Eg. Family name, First name, DOB...etc are filled out on the form and when the button is clicked, it will create an addressed email with the abovementioned fields but perhaps in different colours or bolded. 


Thank you


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@Labreclo Why don't you submit the data to a webservice with data and let that trigger the email for you. Handling the rich text externally would be easier for you. If you have es4 server then we can have a different approach.