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Needing help!!! I've created a form in Livecycle ES4 and it crashes Acrobat Pro every time I try to open it. I've tried deleting sections piece-by-piece and it does the same thing every time. I'm happy to share the file for checking. Any help would be great. Driving me mad!

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I agree with Radzmar. I went into the form and removed the references (several) on the Initialize event:


     this.format.picture.value = "null{'" + this.assist.toolTip.value + "'}";

When I did that, the form ran properly.




The forms possibly runs in an infinite loop caused by the scripts fired during the initialize events.

If thoose where removed the form opens fine.

There a also a couple of scripts with very bad syntax formatting and other issues like the calculate event of the object „hecond1“.


count = _healthcondy.count;


= healthcondy.index + 1;

  1. Bad line breaks
  2. Unused variable
  3. Naming variables after existing scripting methods (in this case „count“) is a no-go!

All those things can have unforeseeable effects, so they need to be fixed too.



No 5 pages is not too many. I have had forms much larger than that. The next thing I would try is to delete pages. I would start with the last page. Delete it, then test it. This will help you isolate where the problem is. I am guessing there is either a bad element or bad code.


Remove page 5 and test. Did that work? If yes then it will require you looking at the code or elements on the page.

If that does not work start over with another page, etc.



Hi Mouslander - I'm using Designer ES4, Windows 7, Acrobat XI. Not trying to create a HTML form, just a Dynamic PDF. The form was created from scratch in Designer. It's a large form, about 5 pages - not sure if that is a problem. Thanks for any help.



What version of Designer are  you using? What version of Acrobat and Windows? I had a similar problem in the past. One thing that worked for me was to delete the libraries and restart designer. Another issue I have had was when I had set up the server info for HTML forms. For some reason it was crashing my Designer.

If it is form based meaning that something in the form is creating the problem, can you describe how you created the form. Was it a new form that you created from scratch or was it something you converted. If you converted it, what was the source Word, Word to PDF or some other source format. Last question, how many pages is the form?