Help Needed to Sum Column in Fixed Table



I am new to LiveCycle.  I need to sum a column in a fixed table.  My rows are summing correctly.  I have tried every formula on the web both in FormCalc and Javascript.  I've cut and pasted script from Adobe templates and from forms on the web.  Nothing is working.  Each change produces a new set of errors.  The Hierarchy is:  (untitled Subform) (page 2), Table 2, Header Row {Header Row contains Year 1, Year 2...Year 5}, Row1 {Row1 contains Text Title, Cell2, Cell3, Cell4, Cell5, Cell6, (untitled Numeric Field) which is a calculated sum of Years 1-5}, Row2, Row3...Row7 are exactly the same.  I want to calculate the sum of each column in the footer row but I keep getting script errors.


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