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Help! I need to add Auto Calculation Script


Level 1

I am using Acrobat DC Pro.

I have form that would like to calculate for the signer when required information is typed in.

Form Pic.png

I would like:

When signer typed in Text1, Text2, Text5, Text6, Text7, Text8, Text9 then rest of the boxes will auto calculate for them.

Text1 x Text2 = Text3

Text3 x 150 = Text4

Text6 + Text7 + Text8 = Text10

Text4 + Text5 + Text10 = Text11

Text9 = Text12

Text11 + Text12 = Text13

Text13 = Text14

Please someone help me with script!!!

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Level 7

You have actually done it already. Use the calculate event and FormCalc script

Text3: calculate (FormCalc)

Text1 * Text2

Text4: calculate (FormCalc)

Text3 * 150

etc, etc, etc