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Help for a Beginner on a Live Cycle Designer Form


Level 1

Hello, please forgive my terminology in this question. I am new to this software and do not know how to correctly refer to things.

I am creating a form in which I select items from a drop down menu and then enter a numeric value that will get totaled at the bottom of the form. I have successfully created the drop down, but can only get total values for 1 of the drop down items.

For example, if I select "Rent" from the drop down and enter the values, I get a total in the "Total Rent" field at the bottom of the form, but if I select "Utilities" from the drop down, it still adds that number to the "Total Rent" field instead of the "Total Utilities" field.

How do I associate the totaling fields at the bottom of the form to the items in the drop down menu?

Can someone help me with the understanding that my skills are pretty basic, so I may need step-by-step instructions?

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Level 10


Can your share your form  or maybe just a screen shot of the form structure will be enough.

There are a number of ways to do this, but sounds like you need to filter the totals by the values in the drop down.

If I could see your form I could write the code with the correct form references